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Nikon 1 V3

Yes, yes, yes! Nikon gets it right with the V3

But for £1049 with lens, grip and viewfinder? Possibly no.

As you may have guessed I’m back from holiday. I have 1300 RAW photos awaiting my attention in Lightroom, and I’m managing to procrastinate my way around them for now. In the meantime, watch a couple of puff videos about the Nikon V3. Continue reading


Intermission: a quick update from the airport

I’m taking a short break from the internet while I travel and shoot in Africa.

In Malta I packed a rangefinder and film, but in Santorini I went back to the DSLR. So what will it be this time?

All digital, all rangefinder. One Leica, three prime lenses and, controversially, the tripod stays at home. I may regret that last decision.

With all gear choices there is sacrifice. In this particular case it means I’m going to miss some opportunities on safari because I won’t have a telephoto lens. But it’s my first time on Safari and I figure it might be nice to sit this one out and just enjoy the experience. Right? Right???!

Oh god what have I done.

Bankside Apartments

Leica M, 21mm Super Elmar, 1/500s at 3.4, ISO 200

Absolutely gorgeous day yesterday. Grabbed this one on my way to work. I’m not 365-ing but I am trying to get back into the habit … exercising those visual muscles every day so I can get better. This one didn’t quite come off, composition-wise. But it’s close. The problem is buildings are so hard to move ;)

I am gobsmacked by this lens. More on that later.

Blackfriars Bridge, London

Leica M, 21mm Super Elmar f3.4, 1/3s hand held, ISO 3200

I left work during the blue hour this week (combination of longer February days and an earlier finish). We don’t often see a clear sky in London and I had the camera with me, so I decided to take the scenic route to Waterloo and see what I found. Shot this before I was interrupted by a phone call and had to press on. Another shot after the break  Continue reading

Canon Pixma Pro-10

Hands on: the Canon Pixma Pro-10 photo printer

Yes, that is a picture of the Canon Pixma Pro-10 professional photo printer in my house, sitting on what was my desk (it’s kinda huge) and no I do not have to send it back to Canon (though technically it’s not mine).

So here’s how I ended up having such a beautiful luxurious piece of machinery in my spare room … Continue reading

Mansion House Station

Leica M, 75mm Summicron @ f11-ish, 1/12s, hand-held

Grabbed this shot at the tube on my way home today. Not particularly original but I haven’t done much with movement lately and I think I’d like to start experimenting more with it.

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend. Mine was too short as usual but I finally got to Wildlife Photographer of the Year, which is always one of the best exhibitions to see even if the organisers are too greedy and make it too crowded and people move in the wrong direction and rant rant rantContinue reading

20140202-L1000363 (1)Not much to report this week as I’ve been pretty busy with work and didn’t get much shooting in at the weekend. This shot didn’t quite work out how I wanted but I thought I’d share it anyway. I kind of like all the man-made angles and rusty texture with a little old pigeon hanging out in the middle. Hope you’re having a good week and getting in some shooting.

Ruined Street Scene

What happens when you open the camera mid-roll …

So I was showing somebody my M6 and they asked whether the tripod mount was fixed to the plate or the camera itself. Naturally I took the base plate off to demonstrate. It took me a few moments to realise that I was staring at a half-shot roll of film that I’d just ruined by doing so. Damn, I had some nice shots there too (you’ll just have to take my word for it). So anyway, this is what happens to your images when you briefly take the base plate off your M6 mid-roll. Thanks to the design of the M6 (opening below the film rather than behind it), this was actually the worst of them – there was still some information on every frame. But still.