Street View

Photo Walk: Shoreditch & Brick Lane on a Sunday

No big secret to this one. Shoreditch and, in particular, Brick Lane, are a big draw for street photographers and photo walks in London every weekend.

Despite all this I’ve never actually been there with my camera, having thought little of Shoreditch since a few misguided nights out years ago made me think it was a not very nice part of London (which was probably true back then). Continue reading

20140118-L23 Delta3200 12

Photo Walk: Hoxton & Shoreditch with Delta 3200

On Wednesday night I took part in Blurb Photo Books‘ first London photo walk, hosted by Dan Milnor who is their resident photographer/speaker/trainer dude.

This was a night walk, starting after 6pm in the middle of a London winter, so I knew my usual stash of film wasn’t going to cut it. Instead I picked up the fastest thing I could get my hands on – Ilford Delta 3200. Sure, I could have pushed my Tri-x 400 that high, but this was a good opportunity to try out the Ilford after hearing so many good things about it. Continue reading

Richmond Park Reflection
Girl at Southbank Centre

Photo Walk: Southbank to Vauxhall with the Leica M6

I’m not sure what drives me to freeze my nuts off in the London winter taking pictures of the city at its bleakest, but here I am again. You know I’m really starting to see the attraction of plastic cameras … all that metal seems reassuringly solid when you’re trying a camera in store, but when you can’t feel your fingers you get over it pretty quickly.

My original plan was to strike out east, but this being the holiday season the transport links were dodgy and I was running out of light, so I settled for familiar territory, getting off at Waterloo and making my way west along the Thames towards home. Continue reading

Ruined Street Scene

What happens when you open the camera mid-roll …

So I was showing somebody my M6 and they asked whether the tripod mount was fixed to the plate or the camera itself. Naturally I took the base plate off to demonstrate. It took me a few moments to realise that I was staring at a half-shot roll of film that I’d just ruined by doing so. Damn, I had some nice shots there too (you’ll just have to take my word for it). So anyway, this is what happens to your images when you briefly take the base plate off your M6 mid-roll. Thanks to the design of the M6 (opening below the film rather than behind it), this was actually the worst of them – there was still some information on every frame. But still.

20131210-L17 Portra 400 16