Could Domke’s ‘new generation’ bags lure me from Think Thank?

If you’re a bag-whore like me, you’re always on the lookout for something better. I’ve been happy with my Think Tank combo for a while now – a Retrospective 5 shoulder bag for city shooting and the Streetwalker 20 backpack for the serious gear.

But I’ve always been fond of my Domke F-3X and for a while I used the F5-Xb for my Sony NEX-7 and Nikon V1 when I had them. They’re both great bags with a lot of character, but seriously lacking on the quality of internals and attention to detail in terms of extra pockets etc – areas where Think Tank have pretty much obliterated the competition.

It seems this has not gone unnoticed by Domke, who have so far prided themselves on keeping the same bag designs over decades. Now they’re teasing a ‘new generation’ of Domke bags, with four ranges to choose from: The Journalist (that’s me), the Adventurer (that’s me), the Metropolitan (totally me), and the Visionary (no wait, that’s me).

However, an updated Domke F3-X with luxurious internal padding for my precious Leica glass and places to put the light meter, filters, lens pen, SD cards etc? That’s something I’d be very interested in.

So hurry up, Domke. Show us what you got.

Oh and by the way – new addition to the gear. An Artisan and Artist ‘easy glider’ strap for the M6.

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