Silence by Tadao Ando

Stumbled across this fountain, by Japanese artist Tadao Ando, in London’s Mayfair district today. This is one of those situations where you have to kick the camera into manual and decide whether you’re going to focus on the reflection on the surface or the pattern beneath the surface, a decision made more difficult by wind rippling the water. When I got home and saw the pictures on a big screen, the shot I least expected to work was the keeper.

Basically it’s an infinity pool only a few millimetres deep with an irregular pattern of these discs, which are apparently LED lights that illuminate the fountain at night. Two full-grown trees rise from the pool, and atomisers at their bases turn the water to steam every fifteen minutes. Here’s a wider angle shot to give you more of an idea of it.

I’ll have to head back soon to see it at night. I could visit the Leica store which is only a few blocks away … ┬áno? Bad idea?

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