Shooting in Paris: Day One

Day one of shooting in Paris and we had to get a bit of the standard sightseeing out of the way. Unfortunately that meant huge, imperial avenues and not a lot of original material in the architecture department. Eiffel Tower, anyone?

As you can see I’ve been messing around with film simulators. I’m not a fan of retro for its own sake, especially where Instagram is concerned, but the files that come out of cameras like the D700 and X-Pro1 are just so damn clean. Sometimes you gotta beat them back a few decades so that they start to look like a photograph again.

Here I’ve used a combination of Nik Color Efex Pro and VSCO film. The black and whites are VSCO or Silver Efex Pro. As you may determine from my portfolio, I’m still very much a photographer in search of a style, at least in terms of post-production. Composition is a different story, but even there I’m still keen to experiment – maybe more than ever. Sometimes I think I try new cameras just to see if it will get me out of my usual routines/patterns and into some new ways of seeing and taking pictures. It’s seldom that easy, but I certainly approach things differently with the X-Pro1 than I ever did with the D700.

With the X-Pro1 I put in a lot more thought before I even lift the camera to my face. With the D700 I start shooting immediately and work the scene until I’m satisfied I’ve tried every accessible angle. Oddly enough, I tend to get better results with the D700 … but to be fair I have many more focal lengths to choose from, and I have a lot of history with the D700 … there’s no thinking involved when that camera is in my hand. Maybe some day I’ll get there with the X-Pro1, too.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to next week’s Fuji firmware update :)

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