365 Project: Week 7

This week I celebrated day 50 of my 365. I have already laster longer than I expected … here’s the latest.

Saturday Surfing: Nikon V1 10mm f2.8

Surrey Sunset: Nikon V1 30-110mm.

Nikon D700 105mm f2.8.

Nikon V1 30-110mm

Nikon D700 105mm f2.8.

Nikon V1 30-110mm.

Nikon D700 105mm f2.8

Sony NEX-7 24mm f1.8.

Sony NEX-7 24mm f1.8.

NEX-7 with Zeiss 24mm f1.8

Sony NEX-7 Review Part 1: Construction and handling

My Sony NEX-7 arrived about two months ago. I don’t know how I got one – production of this mythical camera has been reduced to a trickle since the floods in Thailand delayed its launch, and it won’t really start shipping in earnest till March. Somewhere between Christmas and New Year my obsessive checking of stock status paid off and I beat all those people who put their families first for the holiday season. Suckers. Continue reading

Megapixel madness

I usually try to steer clear of the megapixel debate. I’m no fan of noise but I’ve also noticed the lack of detail recorded by my D700 on more than one occasion, and the wealth of detail recorded by the NEX-7.

This post in the Verge forums is a little long but it does explain the issues nicely and gets back to the reality of shooting for the web and print and the unreality of viewing images at 100 per cent on screen.

Worth a read.

365 Project: Week 6

This 365 gig sure ain’t getting any easier. Here’s the latest batch. If you scroll to the bottom you can see where the magic happens … my little darkroom. That’s right, no iMac, just a mac mini hooked up to an old Dell monitor (I recommend a matte screen for photo work).

One interesting thing is how little the differences is resolution/noise between the Sony NEX-7 and Nikon V1 come to matter once you size them down for the web. Something to think about …

Enter the market: Nikon V1, 30-100mm f3.8-5.6 @ 35mm, 1/15s at f/3.8, ISO 800

Continue reading

Fuji X-Pro1 video review

This is a great video review of the Fuji X Pro 1 by Chris Niccolls of The Camera Store TV. It was his review of the NEX-7 that had me checking stock levels daily like a crazy person. Despite having shot with (and being a big fan of) the X100, I still don’t think the X Pro 1 is for me, but it looks like a pretty nice camera.

And so it should be, for £1429 body and £549 lens …

Anyway, another decent review nicely put together which should help some of you make a more informed decision. Because we always make objective, informed decisions about cameras, right? :)

Nikon V1 with 10mm f2.8 lens