365: Catchup

Wow, this pic has put me on the ‘popular’ page of the 365Project.org website. A few of my other pics have made the ‘new faces’ page, but this is quite an honour, partly because the popular page uses some sort of algorythmic witchcraft that is apparently impossible to game and doesn’t respond to popularity alone.

All of these were taken with the NEX-7 and 24mm Zeiss.

Jan 27 : Diamonds. If you look at it long enough, your head will start to hurt :) Continue reading

Fuji X100

365: Day 13

NEX-7, Zeiss 24 f1.8, 1/60s at f2, ISO 200

Colour Coded: It was a tough call tonight – I had a black and white abstract of the beams at the top of this picture, which had a lot more impact. But I think this one is just more interesting, with the coloured lines, the texture of the beams and road, and the road worker walking by. This was of course shot inbetween bursts of cars flying across my frame!

Below is a bonus shot  from the same scene:

Beaming: NEX-7, Zeiss 24mm f1.8, 1/13s at f2.8, ISO 200


365: Day 5

Managed to get today’s entry on my way to the gym as the sun was rising. I’m starting to realise how much of a commitment this thing is … I should probably stick it out at least a week, though ‘project 7′ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

Post-production porn: Lightroom 4, and Carousel becomes Revel

Sony NEX-7, 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 | 18mm, 180th, f8

Two very cool things happened today: Adobe released Lightroom 4 beta to the public, and Adobe revealed a little of their intentions for Carousel, renaming it Revel at the same time.

First, Lightroom 4: I think the most important change is the refined ‘basic’ panel in the develop module, which gives you better control over shadows and highlights and does a much better job of targeting either without you having to resort to the local adjustment brush. This isn’t just a refinement – they’ve changed the sliders and introduced a new process version 2012. Continue reading

Happy New Gear!

Domke F5-Xb camera bagI was spoiled this Christmas, by others and myself. Above is a Domke F-5Xb ruggedwear shoulder bag. It’s a small kit bag for small kit … such as my X100 or the Sony NEX-7, which through great timing I seem to have acquired ahead of most other UK residents. I’ve also added a ThinkTank Streetwalker backpack to the arsenal, for days out with the SLR kit. I realise that’s three cameras. Yes I am going to sell something … eventually.

This is also my Day 3 pic. More about the new gear later.